We’re Back! (but DIFFERENT)

Time sure flies when you have a serious procrastination problem and your most recent blog post was in August of last year. Yeah, sorry about that.

I’ve been thinking about the album reviews, and the whole “review the entire 1001 book” idea, and I’ve come to a realization. Personally, the idea of being stuck with reviewing the albums in a certain book for what would end up being well over 20 years isn’t exactly the most appealing prospect in the world. So I’ve made the decision to simply scrap the 1001 series entirely and review music that I’m personally passionate about.

I will have several ongoing series of album reviews, which I will dub “Forgotten Gems,” “All-Time Greats,” and “New Stuff” for now. The first will be musical masterpieces that have been tragically forgotten by the public at large. The second will, fairly obviously, be famous records that deserve to be remembered as generation-defining classics. Finally, “New Stuff” will simply be reviews of fresh and recently released albums.

I’ll still keep the old reviews up for everyone to read as they please, but I think that this new direction will be much more enjoyable not only for myself, but for my readers. Thanks for sticking with me, and here’s hoping this goes well!.