Album Review #9: The Atomic Mr. Basie by Count Basie (1957)


Welp, I’m back! Sorry about the unannounced hiatus, I’ll be trying to keep up a more frequent upload schedule going forward.

Anyways, we return with The Atomic Mr. Basie. My opinions on this album are a little mixed: I enjoyed many of the tracks, but in the end it just didn’t leave much of an impression on me. None of the tracks were “bad,” per se, but a lot of it just seemed forgettable to me. It’s no Ellington at Newport, but it still had its highlights.

“The Kid From Red Bank” starts the album off on a high note with its explosively energetic trumpet section and great jazz piano. The following track, “Duet,” is slow, minimal and relaxing, with great bass playing and a calm atmosphere. More highlights include “Double-O” and “Teddy the Toad,” the former upbeat and cheerful, and the latter quiet with brief loud trumpet sections. My favorite track is “Lil’ Darlin’,” a quiet, sweet and subtle closing track featuring very good saxophone and bass.

The album has several good tracks, but overall, despite these, I still came away from it underwhelmed. Quite a few of the tracks just sound too similar for them to stick out, and the album as a whole just came off as kind of forgettable. So while I did enjoy it somewhat, I don’t strongly recommend this album.

What do you think of this album? I would love to hear your opinions and feedback!

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